Microclene Australia

Got a dust problem?

Microclene ambient air filters remove fine floating dust making the workplace a far more pleasant and safer place to be. No matter what type of dust - wood, chemical, metal, feather, grain, fabric or paper dust .... Microclene Air Filters will remove it.

Don’t fool yourself! All types of dust can create health hazards or exacerbate existing health problems. Dust can cause asthma, skin irritation, dermatitis, cancer and many other health problems.

Fumes are equally as hazardous. Microclene filters are designed to strip airborne particles and floating contaminants from the air you breathe.

We offer a diverse range of high quality, effective, easy to use air filters that cover numerous industries. Please click on the industry below that most suits your workspace for more information about the most appropriate Microclene Air Filter for you.

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